How to book

Contact Information

If you would like to make a reservation to rent kayaks or paddle boards you can connect with us a few different ways:

via email:
via phone: 1-207-801-1531
via Facebook message:

Information needed to complete the rental

Home Address
Property/ Delivery Address
Cell Phone
Email Address
Boat Information (Kayaks or paddle boards and amount of each)
Duration/Dates of Rental (hourly, 3 days or a full week)
Life Preserver Sizes: Adult, Youth, Kid (1 per boat, 2 per tandem)

Once we connect with each other and I get the above details I will then send to you via email a contract from Adobesign* as well as a link to pay via Smart Pay* (free bank to bank transfer requiring the same information that is on a check) through our bank. You can also pay via check if you prefer.

If you are doing a rental at Hadley Point Beach we will email you an agreement via Adobesign or you can sign at site and you can pay in cash or Visa or Mastercard.

*Adobesign:  a standard rental contract emailed to you which will be able to be signed virtually
*Smart Pay: for convenience we offer an easy way to pay directly from your bank account to ours without having to mail us a check. It’s called Smart Pay ACH payment processing and it is similar to a one time Bill Pay. I will email you a link to submit your payment to us. There is no cost to use this payment method and if you prefer to pay via check you can do that as well.